In Love With a Small Town

October 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


My husband, Kent, wrote an awesome article about small town life this past week in his Vidette column. He talked about all the things that make it unique and wonderful, and it made me think about it for myself. Much like my husband, I have traveled the world a bit and lived in places near and far, but the place that has my heart is this small town of Hartsville, Tennessee. No part of me desires city life, and here's why.

For me, this town represents family. Even though none of my own family lives here, I married into a wonderful big family that supports me (and one that I enjoy being with!). I also find a sense of family within the community. Getting to know my neighbors, sharing the stories of my children, and meeting people that my husband grew up with--every person enriches my life and I'm happy to be a part of this special circle.

One of my goals as a photographer in this town is to take every opportunity to capture memories for as many people as I come in contact with--no matter how big or small--and to learn their stories. In doing so, I have the unique opportunity to be a part of Hartsville's history. Years from now, families will be able to look back on their memories with pride and affection, and that makes me happy. There are also many instances where I have been able to capture images of this small town just the way it is today, whether it be pictures of the community landmarks or the many barns that I have fallen in love with. 

I want to personally say thank you to everyone in this community who has welcomed me and given me the chance to make their experience of living in this town a better one too! 


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