Toddler Trouble | How to Save the Shoot

December 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You've scheduled your photo session well in advance. The day arrives. You show up at the studio all ready for great photos but there's one problem: your toddler isn't on board. What can you do? Here are 7 steps to getting great photos out of your little Jekyll & Hyde.


STEP 1: Arrive on location with screaming toddler.

STEP 2: Move toddler into photography set.

STEP 3: Turn toddler upside down and thoroughly shake out all the resistance.

STEP 4: Tickle. Repeat.

STEP 5: Add other family or friends to the set and continue to tickle, facing the camera.

STEP 6: Allow toddler to hide behind you to help them feel safe as they get comfortable.  

STEP 7: When the photoshoot is all over, leave camera in the ON position. They will finally be ready!


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