6 Ways To Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

January 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

You don't need to be a professional photographer to take good pictures with your smart phone. Here are 6 quick tips on how to take better photos RIGHT NOW! 

I used my son as a (reluctant) example in these photos and let me add a disclaimer that the indoor lighting on these isn't ideal. But, for quick example's sake, we're going to go with it!

Tip #1: Beware of Backlighting

Have you ever taken an awesome beach picture only to have your face completely dark because the sun is behind you and there was no lighting on your face? Nothing gets under my skin more than not being able to tell what or whom I'm supposed to be looking at in a picture. 

Simply turning on lights in the room or even using your flash will help tremendously. With the example of my son above, there is still a LOT of light coming through behind him and lots of glare but with a little fill lighting I can at least make out his face.

Tip #2: Remove Distractions

Nobody wants to see you air your dirty laundry. Literally. I'm not saying the house needs to be spring clean just to get a good photo but simply removing a few items can help eliminate distractions from your subject. 

Tip #3: Crop. Crop. Crop.

There is absolutely no reason I need to see the pictures on the wall, the bike next to the chair or 4 extra feet of the rug. Simply cropping down to the area your subject is in will help eliminate distractions and direct the viewer's attention.

Tip #4: Choose The Right Orientation

Consider what you are shooting and which way would frame it best. Will things be left out of the picture that could be included if the orientation was different? Will arms and legs be cut off? (Sometimes it's ok to not have all arms and legs in the shot.) Consider choosing landscape when more of your subject will be in the frame and at the same time unnecessary objects or space can be eliminated.

Simply rotating the camera will make a much better picture for this image.

Tip #5: Watch Your Perspective

Have you ever said to yourself "That angle makes my [insecurity] look big" or "This is my better side"? Cameras can have a funny way of distorting images when shot from a bad angle. In the example below, I purposely asked my son to stick his feet straight out in front to demonstrate this point. I understand he does have big feet for a 3 year old but he doesn't have to look like Tweety Bird.

Simply tucking in the feet or putting your subject's body on a more even plane can help a lot with keeping proportions in check. It is also easy to distort a person's head if shot from above or below versus shooting straight on.

Tip #6: Blur And Focus

In most portraits, the focus should be on the eyes unless you're trying to point out something else about the photo. Choosing the appropriate focus point and making sure the image is in focus altogether (and not blurry) is one of the most important tips to taking better pictures.

Photographing moving subjects such as kids or pets can be challenging, but keep shooting and sooner or later you will achieve the best picture. 

Now that you're better equipped to take some awesome photos with your phone, get out there and test your new skills! Post your results in the comments!



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