My Vision for 2016

January 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We're not quite two weeks into the new year and I didn't set any resolutions for myself. The whole pressure thing really gets to me and if I set specific expectations I might just be setting myself up for failure. I did, however, spend some time thinking about what I want for myself this year and for my business. Before I could figure out what I wanted, however, I had to figure out my strengths and weaknesses. Here's a short list that I came up with. 




*Unrealistic expectations

*Lacking confidence




Now, seeing my list of shortcomings, I can create my list of strengths as a means to compensate for my weaknesses (to encourage myself to get better in these areas). 




*Capable of doing many new things quickly and simultaneously

*Great photographer (I am proud of how far I've come and the pictures I've created)

*Good at recognizing and changing a bad attitude

*Good at pushing through for a desired outcome


With a brief list of my strengths and weaknesses in front of me I can now help use this information to figure out where I want to go and what I'm capable of. Here is a short list of things I would like for myself and my business this year.


Personal Goals:

*Lose the last of this baby weight!

*Spend more time enjoying my family

*Spend more time practicing piano

*Use my crockpot and pressure cooker more

*Spend less money on unnecessary things


Business Goals:

*Blog more, make excuses less

*Expand my social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and 500px

*Be consistent 

*Confidently approach more people to book sessions

*Improve my photography and editing skills

*Make $1 Million


Ok, the last one was kind of a joke, but why not shoot for the stars, right?


I hope in 12 months I can look back and realize that I did most of the things on my list, or at least improved in those areas. I've spent so much time getting caught up in what other photographers are doing across the world and how far they appear to be. This has only led to becoming more frustrated and reducing my own confidence. So, I better add to my list that I will stop comparing myself to others and celebrate how far I've already come!  


Please share what's on your list for 2016 in the comments.





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