Take Me To The Fair

September 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's been awhile! For going to the fair, and for me blogging. The truth is, I like them both, but I never seem to quite get around to either. What a shame! Michaela, a fellow photographer, asked me to take a few of her senior pictures at the Wilson County fair this year, and some in Downtown Nashville. What a novel idea! I absolutely loved what we came up with at the fair! Just because the idea didn't come to me first, I wasn't offended. After all, fellow photogs help each other out, right? The easy answer is yes. The more complicated answer comes next.

Sometimes photography has to take you to a place inside yourself that you wouldn't normally look for on a daily basis. When you're planning that next shoot, how much research do you actually do? Are you thinking about new ways to be creative or try out something you've never done before? Why not? Often, we start out in photography excited for the next high of our snappy career and before we know it, we're merely showing up to the next gig with our same old bag of tricks. Stand here, look this direction, smile please. That's the cycle of photography. We're either chasing knowledge and new adventures or chasing a dollar bill. 

I absolutely hate to admit it, but I've completely gotten myself in a rut lately. As much as I'd like to pretend that everything goes perfectly in my photography business, I will be the first to tell you that it's not. I need to reach outside what I've always done and get back to the very things that first inspired me--the things that lit a fire under me and sent me searching 100mph for the answers to all my unending photography questions. My husband has always encouraged me to simply ask questions. When there's a question, there's always a reason to search for an answer, and when we are on the road to searching for answers, we're driving down the road of personal growth.

Wherever you're at with your photography today, take a moment to simply think about where that is and where you want to go. You never know, maybe your curiosity will take you to the fair! 


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