Over The Moon!

August 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We read all the hype, there was an eclipse coming, and we were in the path of totality! At first we didn't realize what a big deal that was. Wasn't everybody going to be able to see it? Well, not exactly.

We looked up the time that it was going to occur in our area. 1:28pm. I set my alarm for 12:00 noon. Better go make sure we had a clear view of the sun from our yard and check out those special glasses we had. Make sure everything was ready to go. Around 12:30pm my husband put his eclipse glasses on and peered at the sun. It was already starting! We all took a good look at what was about to occur in utter amazement.

My husband grabbed his cell phone and tried to take a picture. Of course the sun was far too bright and washed out the image. But then he placed his special glasses over the lens. It was small, but it worked! He captured the start of the eclipse!

We grabbed lawn chairs and began setting up right in our driveway. We had a perfect view overhead. I told my husband maybe I would grab my big camera and see if I could capture some also. I put the longest lens on that I had and carefully placed the eclipse glasses over the lens. There was still massive amounts of light coming through on either side of the glasses. My wheels began to turn. What else could I try? The clock was ticking down. 1:15pm. 

I fiddled with my settings and tried various combinations over and over again until finally I was able to capture the teeniest tiniest image of the sun and moon. When I zoomed in to view it on the back of my camera I was in shock how crisp and clear everything was. It was gorgeous! Minute by minute I snapped away, capturing the tiny fragments of change as the eclipse came closer. 

Finally, no slivers left to capture, it was the moment of totality! 1:28pm. But all of a sudden the special glasses over my lens no longer worked. I couldn't focus on the eclipse with my lens! What was I going to do?! This moment wasn't coming again anytime soon! I set the camera down and looked at the eclipse with my own eyes. In that moment I can't describe how awesome it felt to witness such an amazing thing, without looking through a lens. I just wanted that moment to last forever. The light all around us had gone dim, and was greenish in color. There was truly nothing like it that I could compare. I felt like I was living on another planet for a moment. 

I reached down and picked up my camera and aimed it straight at the moon, not filtering the lens with anything, not even the special glasses. IT WORKED! I was so relieved and at the same time excited for the chance to capture it all on camera. All my favorite memories are captured on camera, and this would forever be one of them. 

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on social media and all the likes and shares and purchases of these photos. I'm really grateful that I am able to share such a memorable experience with you all through these photos.

Eclipse 2017 over Hartsville, TennesseeThe ProgressionEclipse 2017 over Hartsville, Tennessee


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